A whole new view for August (But where is this place??)

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SHORE PATH • ©2009 Marie Scott (Here's your August 2011 desktop calendar! Click on the image to download this file to use as your computer's desktop this month. Here's how to do it... MAC USERS: import the file into iPhoto, click on the image, then in the lower right corner click SET DESKTOP. PC USERS: Right click on the image and select the option SET AS WALLPAPER or SET AS DESKTOP BACKGROUND. Enjoy your new painting this month!)

Can you guess the location of this painting?

It was inspired by a photo I took one beautiful summer day while on vacation. The path led to an amazing view of a sparkling body of water.

Regardless of whether you recognize, or have been to’ the location of this painting– it’s now yours to use as a calendar on your computer’s desktop during the month of August.

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