A little help to get you started making some art…

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Just click on this image for a file you can print out and then paint yourself!

SNOWMAN watercolor • ©2010 Nathan Scott

SNOWMAN watercolor • ©2010 Marie Scott

Here’s a snowman I sketched over Christmas break. I printed two copies out on watercolor paper, and then my son Nathan and I painted them together.

It started out all fun and games… but then unfortunately, the right side of my brain took over. (The side where there are no words or concept of time.) So while my poor 7-year old was asking for help, I was in my own little world just painting away while he’s struggling to use his watercolors which are kind of tricky if you’re not used to them.

Let’s just say it did not end well.

But I did learn a very important lesson for myself. Never make art at the same time as my child. At least not until he’s a little older. Next time, I’ll only print one page for him to work on and I’ll sit and watch. Next time I’ll actually HELP him, instead of concentrating on making my own art.

That is a much better plan.

All this to say… why don’t you try to make some art this year too?! Just click on the image of the snowman drawing and then print it out. You don’t need to paint it if that sounds too tricky. (Even if you just use crayons or markers, that still counts as “Making Art.”)

4 thoughts on “A little help to get you started making some art…

    • Do you have any crayons with you on your trip, Nellie? Maybe you could print out 70 copies and have your fellow doctor-friends take a little ART-break during the day between studying parasites! 🙂 Say hi to Big Ben from us back here in SC…

  1. Thanks for the snowman picture. I’m going to let my granddaughters, Vivi, age 5 and Ingrid, age 3) try to make art this afternoon.

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