24 hours to paint a Masterpiece

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Here's what I'll be painting for the next 24 hours.

BEFORE • 24 inch x 30 inch canvas with gold frame • check back next week to see the finished painting, along with photos of my 24-hour painting marathon

I’ve got 24 hours to create an oil painting for the Metropolitan Arts Council’s “FLAT OUT UNDER PRESSURE” competition which today.

At 9am I’ll be in downtown Greenville at the M.A.C. Office getting my blank canvas stamped. (They do this to make sure you don’t start before Friday morning.)

I’ll then drive back to my studio in Travelers Rest and begin a painting that will be inspired by this photo of the Reedy River in Downtown Greenville.

Then I have to be back at the MAC office by 11am on Saturday to submit my finished piece for judging.

So if you don’t account for drive time, I’ve got 24 hours to create an oil painting from start to finish. Kind of like a Project Runway for painters.

So in the words of  Project Runway’s host, Tim Gunn, “It’s Make it Work Time!”

Let the games begin.

Check back next week Tuesday to see how it all turned out…

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