I love window boxes!

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The outside view of my current window boxes. Not nearly as cute as the one's shown in my painting below, but much more practical as they have a reservoir for holding water. In a few months the boxes will be covered anyway, as the plants will trail down.

... and my inside view of the same boxes.

Outside view...

... and the inside view. Every time I look at these from inside the house it makes me happy. If you don't have any window boxes, why not try it out this summer? They are so cheerful (unless of course your plants die like mine did this spring when we were gone for a week and it got into the 80s. In that case, they are very, very depressing!) 🙂

Last night I planted my window boxes with summer flowers.

Over the years, I’ve gone from agonizing over which plants to use, and then cramming about twice as many as I should into my boxes,to simply buying one hanging plant per box. This is faster, less expensive, and produces much better results.

I decided to get the same exact plants I had last summer since they did so well in this location. All I did was gently take the plant out of the hanging basket, divide it in half, and place it in my cleaned out window box.

Instant color. Instant gratification. $10/window. My kind of deal.

GERANIUMS • 30" x 40" • ©2005 marie scott (seeing this painting I did from our previous house in Milwaukee makes me miss our old 1920's cottage. I'm definitely partial to older homes over new construction. I'm very grateful for our new house, but I LOVED our old house in Bay View--even with all its quirks and cracks.)

You can read the story behind the painting of my 2005 window boxes at my web site. (I had commissioned this painting for myself, so it still hangs in our home as a reminder of our life in Bay View, Wisconsin!)

2 thoughts on “I love window boxes!

  1. These are beautiful! I want a painting of your’s someday when we aren’t broke 🙂 God is working so hopefully it won’t be long.

    I have always loved window boxes and want to get some. We are going to move to the beach soon. Someday I’m gonna have a big beach house with window boxes and a horse stable full of horses for my girl 🙂 We dream big and have lots of faith in our house!

    Have a great day.

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