finishing up water painting #3

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WATER PAINTING #3 (ALMOST done!) • 40 inches x 30 inches

DAY THREE: here's where I had left off...

During this painting session, I filled in dark shadows and added grasses. I basically started from the top and worked my way down the canvas, painting one color of grass throughout the entire piece before moving onto the next color (doing the same process.) The colors I mixed up and used for the grasses are: a lime green, cerulean blue, navy blue, and then lastly a dark brown. Then I let it dry for a few days.

DAY FOUR: I spent today making sure that all the little white gaps in the canvas were filled in with paint. Then I did the same process I described above, using the same colors.

The last thing I did was I add a lot of bigger grasses to the foreground. I think I'm ALMOST done with this piece I'll let it dry for a few days and then see what I think. It probably needs just one more round of big grasses in the foreground.

I’m beginning WEEK THREE in my “five paintings in five weeks” challenge. I don’t actually have one complete painting yet, however, there are two that are 95% done, and a couple of others in progress. So it’s conceivable that I could actually meet this crazy goal.

My inspiration is two-fold. Number one, a fellow artist (and friend of mine) put me up the challenge, and number two… school is almost over for the year. I’m trying to get this series finished up before Nathan is home for the summer.

I definitely work better under the pressure of unrealistic deadlines, so this challenge has been great for my productivity. Being an artist means spending most of your day operating in the side of the brain that doesn’t compute time, so I’m forcing myself to watch the clock and paint with more purpose this month.

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