Jumping off the Hamster Wheel

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Snapshots from my reentry into sanity, as three years of retail frenzy comes to an end…

Today is Day 25 since we closed up my store. What seemed like a straightforward idea, has actually turned out to be much cloudier than I would ever have imagined.

I don’t think I realized how wound up I actually was. Or how out of whack my life had become.
I did not expect that Jumping off the Hamster Wheel would create such a big bruise when I finally landed.

As I acclimate myself to a new climate of tranquility, several moments have confirmed to me that I might actually like living on solid ground.

Here are a few photos that capture my recent “Aha moments.”

welcome to tN

Aha Moment #1 at the Tennessee Border: “Hey…this is all so very beautiful. I need to take a photo of these flowers!”

Driving to DC with my two homeboys. August 8 – 15, 2015 was the first weeklong sightseeing vacation the three of us have ever taken together. Without so many mental burdens weighing me down, my brain had time to notice again, and my eyes were captivated by this beautiful planter of flowers set in front of the rolling mountains. Thank you, Tennessee for the warm welcome at your lovely rest area.


Aha Moment #2: “Why is there STILL a dead plant in this jar when I have the power to make a simple change that will improve the looks of the situation?”

Spending ten minutes selecting the “perfect” new succulent. Over the past few years there were times when this jar flourished, but in the last six months it was sorely neglected. Last week it occurred to me that I did not need to have a dead plant in my house. So during my next visit to the store, I went to the garden center and spent what felt like a LONG time pondering which plant would be the MOST perfect for my jar. I doubt it was more than ten minutes, but still — it felt quite extravagant to give this minor home-improvement-initiative so much of my time.

Once the “big decision” was made, it only took about two minutes to remove the dead plant and insert the new. Every day since, I’ve been happy I took time to make this simple change. It was time well spent. For both the plant AND me.

lemon oil

Aha Moment #3: “Look at the sun shining through the cloud of steam. I love how the dark shadows allow me to see something I would never otherwise notice.”

Breathing in… and breathing out… has never smelled so good. Did you know it only takes about 25 seconds to make your kitchen smell like lemons? [Or peppermints, or even lemons/peppermints. For an entire EIGHT hours.] Who would have thought? Thank you, DoTERRA! I love all of your essential oils,and especially love your  “Aroma Lite Diffuser.” 

Thank you, Sunshine for filtering into my kitchen every afternoon, helping to brighten my spirits when my heart feels cloudy.


Aha Moment #4: “I have a lot to be thankful for — I love my umbrella. I love the rain. I love the sun casting reflections into puddles. I love NOT driving through a monsoon.”

Waiting for the rain to pass. Who does this? A person who does NOT have a store does this! aka ME. 🙂 

I went INTO Publix as a sprinkle of rain had just begun. I then came OUT of Publix, only 15 minutes later, to find a Monsoon had descended from the mountaintop.

After my moment of unhappy surprise slowly passed over, it occurred to me that I could actually stay and wait for the real storm to pass over too. So I did. My best moments of that day were spent watching the rain blow sideways from under the safety of a dry awning.

I even made a few friends who also did not want to drive through a Monsoon. And then by the time I got home — the sun was out again. A good day.

2 new paintings

Aha Moment #5″ (AFTER I had spent the day drawing these photos onto the two canvasses in the background): “Hey… look how the compositions of these two paintings will be similar, yet in complete contrast to each other! The photo on the left has an upper and lower triangle that meet in the middle and form two opposing vertical triangles. The photo on the right has side two triangles that converge in the middle and form a horizontal diamond. How cool is that! Serendipity… or possibly Intuition?”

Fighting an uphill battle to ignore distractions. No wonder I moved out of my home studio four years ago! Without any pressing deadlines, it is oh-so-temping to do everything besides work on these two paintings I started last week.

Oh well. At least for now, my house is feeling back in order and becoming a beautiful place. No sense in torturing myself over self-imposed random deadlines. At least not this month, as I work towards Staying OFF the Hamster Wheel. (September might be another story.)


Aha Moment #6: “I need a photo of this funky sign. A photo to remind me of the delightful patio lunch I just spent with my favorite person in the entire world. How exceedingly lucky I am to be married to Tim. Very, very lucky.”

Putting things into perspective; celebrating 22 years of a happy life. Together.

“…Along the way, we found happiness we never knew existed. We saw hopes and dreams come true…”  — from the card I gave my husband on our 22nd anniversary last Friday.

When choosing the card, as I read about “dreams coming true,” I burst into tears that filled the Walgreens aisle. Initial tears of sadness for a dream that had ended. But within seconds, they turned into tears of overwhelming gratitude.

Tim and I have been participants in countless hopes and dreams which HAVE come true. And we’ve also seen other dreams NOT pan out. But regardless of either outcome we’ve done it Together, and have stayed in it Together. In spite of our sinful, selfish, wicked hearts — we have somehow managed to not only still love each other, we still LIKE each other.

This is God’s unmerited blessing upon our lives.

Of all the hopes and dreams I’ve ever had, or ever will have, Our Happy Life Together is by far my MOST important dream come true above all.

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For now, as I sift through the sometimes cloudy next steps of my artist’s life, I am thankful for a faithful partner to help me sort it all out.

Stay tuned as our story continues to reveal itself.

With a thankful heart,
Marie Scott


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      • I love seeing you doing nothing but what refreshes you.Thanks for sharing your hopes and dreams we’re anoxiously waiting to hear all of them. You are an inspirational writer and all around beautiful daughter!

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