Our Grocery Store Beautification Project (The making of Sunflower – part 2)

Export to PDF | Export to DOCA photo diary: How “Sunflower” was born last summer… My husband Tim and I love to take old places and make them new. We normally do this to neglected houses, but last year we did it to an old grocery store. It took a couple months, and added more than […]

The Home Stretch. (Why wasn’t I home sleeping?)

Export to PDF | Export to DOCThe Home Stretch.  Definition: “The last part of a long or difficult activity.” We are starting to wrap up our final days at The Sunflower Gift Shop this week. It has been “a long and difficult activity” to say the least. But we wouldn’t trade the experience for anything. As this […]

SUNFLOWER is CHANGING! The end of a 3 year experiment comes to a close.

Export to PDF | Export to DOCSunflower is MOVING on. We will be CLOSING our retail location at 110 S. Main Street at the end of July. [Or sooner… just depending on how long our inventory hangs around!] Follow us on Facebook for details of our hours and SALES which are happening all month! Another beautiful store is MOVING in. We […]

How we fixed up a Grocery Store last May. (Photos of our 2-week painting party.)

Export to PDF | Export to DOCHappy Birthday, Sunflower! One year ago TODAY we opened up the Sunflower Gift Shop & Gallery. TODAY seems a fitting occasion to post photos I’ve been saving from “Phase 1” of our big Grocery Store Beautification Project last spring. Who would have thought we could turn the old Travelers Rest “Winn Dixie” into the uplifting […]

Heading towards my own INDEPENDENCE DAY…

Export to PDF | Export to DOCFour years ago… I moved my home painting studio to a space in downtown Greenville, SC. Looking for affirmation that my work had meaning. Three years ago… I moved my painting studio to downtown Travelers Rest, SC and opened up a small gift shop. Looking for a space to work, […]