Heading towards my own INDEPENDENCE DAY…

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Four years ago…
I moved my home painting studio to a space in downtown Greenville, SC.

Looking for affirmation that my work had meaning.

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Three years ago…
I moved my painting studio to downtown Travelers Rest, SC and opened up a small gift shop.

Looking for a space to work, and a place to sell my art.

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Two years ago… we sold our home and bought one half the size.

Looking for a simpler life (and a yard full of winter-blooming Camellias.)

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One year ago… I moved my small gift shop into a bigger space that was five times the size.

Looking for a way to grow my business and help our little town flourish.

What was I thinking?

It sounded like a good idea at the time. But alas, it was not for me.

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One month from today…
I will be a FREE woman!

Looking to define myself as who “I am.” Not what “I do.”

FREE to remember what it feels like to not have the weight of the world pressing down upon me.

Free to breathe in, and free to breathe out.

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Free to figure out what it means “to BE” the person that God has made me to be.

“Freedom is the oxygen of the soul.” — Moshe Dayan

Sunflower is changing.

We will be CLOSING our retail location at 110 S. Main Street at the end of July. [Or sooner… just depending on how long our inventory hangs!] Follow us on Facebook for details of our hours and sales!

Marie Scott’s Sunflower Studio will continue to operate in a NEW Travelers Rest location, and will be open in November for Greenville Open Studios! [Or sooner… stay tuned for details!]

4 thoughts on “Heading towards my own INDEPENDENCE DAY…

  1. Marie, I am so proud of you for following your heart and your courage to really listen to what God has in store for you. I can’t wait to see what’s next for your inspiring journey.

    • Well thank YOU for being such a good role model of this to me, Jacqui! I read through your website last year and the choices you made in your career to keep a balance with your personal life really struck me. Just because a person is good at something, and “can” do it — doesn’t mean it is necessarily the “best” way they should be spending their time.

      I’m looking forward to having time to listen to what that better use of my time will be starting in August. I do know for sure it includes two things: 1.) painting and 2.) being a mom to my almost-still-little boy again.

      Here’s to saying “no” to a good thing, in order to find the BETTER thing! 🙂

  2. Thank you for sharing your story… If you ever want to chat about our separate yet similar artistic journeys, just let me know. Blessings to you on this new path you are taking. I hope you fine peace, balance and success with all aspects of your life and creative inspiration.

    • Thank you, Aimee! And thank you for all the months that you made art-making look like so much fun back in college. It is because of you that I decided to become a graphic design major all those many years ago at Grace College. 🙂

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