How we fixed up a Grocery Store last May. (Photos of our 2-week painting party.)

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Happy Birthday, Sunflower!

One year ago TODAY we opened up the Sunflower Gift Shop & Gallery.

TODAY seems a fitting occasion to post photos I’ve been saving from “Phase 1” of our big Grocery Store Beautification Project last spring.

Who would have thought we could turn the old Travelers Rest “Winn Dixie” into the uplifting place that Sunflower evolved into over the course of many months. We could not have done it without the help of all our friends and family!

Lell Building, May 2013. A boxing gym was using the space that Sunflower later moved in to.

Lell Building, May 2013. Countless residents of Travelers Rest have told us that our space used to be the Winn-Dixie when they were growing up at least 50 years ago.

 May 2013

The entire building was a little lonely-looking in 2013. But for all the years I had passed by, there was still something about this building that was intriguing to me. Who would have ever thought I would have moved in and filled up the enormous space with my own retail store?

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May 2014: Our big DIY endeavor began

It had never been our intent to paint the walls and floors ourselves, but we couldn’t get any professional painters to return our calls. The organic floor paint needed 10 days to dry before we could put any furniture down, and we were running out of time with the lease at my store called “Home Color” ending on May 31st.

So we toughed it out and painted the entire place ourselves — with the help of some friends, and especially our amazingly helpful parents.

Looking back on the photos, it still makes me feel exhausted to think of all the hours we poured into first just changing the color of the floors and wall. But it was worth it, to make the space come to life.

DYI has been the normal course of our marriage for the past 20+ years anyway, so this seemed the more fitting (AND cost-effective) way to roll.

How lucky I am to be married to somebody who not only enjoys working hard to take something old and make it new, but is also quite skilled at it. Tim is irreplaceable!

Sunflower is located at 110. Main Street, Travelers Rest, SC 29690

Sunflower is located at 110. Main Street, Travelers Rest, SC 29690

One year ago today, on July 10, 2014 — this old grocery store came back to life!


You HAVE helped to make many lives more beautiful during this past year.

2 thoughts on “How we fixed up a Grocery Store last May. (Photos of our 2-week painting party.)

  1. Thank you so much for bringing Sunflower to Main Street, Travelers Rest! It has been delightful to shop there… and for my daughter to work there!

    • We have been so lucky to have her working with us, Ruthie. She is a delightful young woman!! We couldn’t have done it this winter without all her her hard work and dedication. You should be very proud of her — which I know you are! 🙂

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