Location #82 + the Meaning behind my Paintings

Export to PDF | Export to DOC142 artists opened up their studios on November 6 & 7, as part of the 2010 Greenville OPEN STUDIOS Tour. All weekend long I heard people say “I wish we had time to see  ALL the studios!” So for those of you who didn’t get a chance to stop by location […]

Done! “dune path”

Export to PDF | Export to DOC“Dune path” is the third in a series of six oil paintings I recently completed. The series was called “WATER” and for simplicity’s sake, I was referring to each painting by a number. So if you’ve seen posts on “water painting #3”, here’s how it finally turned out. If […]

Finishing up Water Painting #3 (part 5)

Export to PDF | Export to DOCTHIS is the first painting in this series in which I experimented with adding crazy-colored-shadows. I had planned to just try adding a few teeny, tiny dots of orange to help the painting “pop.” I liked how that looked enough to add another color, then another, etc. It has […]

Water Painting #3 (part 4)

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finishing up water painting #3

Here’s some progress on Marie Scott’s current painting. It’s landscape inspired by a photo she took at Lake Michigan, on the Saugatuck side.

making shadows in the grass (water painting #3)

I’ve been working on a landscape painting of the beach in Saugatuck, Michigan this week. Here’s some photos of my progress…

roasting chickens while painting “water #3″

Here’s a new #painting from my series called “WATER.” It’s a landscape of a grassy path leading to Lake Michigan.