making shadows in the grass (water painting #3)

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WATER PAINTING #3 (in progress) • 40 inches x 30 inches

Today I'm filling in the shadow areas so that the light-colored grasses will pop off the canvas.

I also painted the fence post on the path.

I'm rotating between adding different dark colors of paint in the shadow areas, and painting more grasses at the horizon line.

I think I've covered the entire grassy area with paint, so I better stop for the day and let this dry so the colors don't get muddy. Time to move onto a different painting... I hope the sun comes out soon!

2 thoughts on “making shadows in the grass (water painting #3)

  1. I think this is my favorite yet. I really like how you have been showing close-ups and explaining your technique. It really has been helpful for a beginning painter like me. Cheers!

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