roasting chickens while painting “water #3″

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Here's my newest painting at the end of today's progress. It's from my current series WATER, and I'm temporarily naming it WATER #3. (By the way, isn't my potted magnolia tree looking lovely? My mom had this sent to me in a box soon after we moved to SC. It was just a foot or so tall at the time, but it's been growing steadily ever since. It just got the new set of leaves on the top this month.)

Here s the photo I took for my inspiration. It's from Saugatuck, Michigan, which is across the Lake from Milwaukee.

I started the sky and the path last week, and have been letting those dry.

This morning I worked on finishing up the sky and the started adding shadows into the grassy areas.

Then I was just alternating between painting grasses and shadows. I'm still not exactly sure what I'm doing here... hopefully this will end of looking like the photo when I'm done.

My painting time has elapsed for the day since I go to help out in my son's first grade class on Tuesday afternoons. I've kind of run out of places to paint that aren't wet anyway, so it will be good to let this dry over night.

And finally, as the title of today's post promised -- here are the chickens that were roasting while I was painting! It was rather cold this morning, so I thought it would be good day to get these cooked and also help warm up the house at the same time. (All I did was sprinkle them with salt and pepper, and lay them on a bed of celery. I roasted them at 350 for about 3 hours. They turned out great. I even made some broth with the juices. I'm not much of a meat-cook, so as you can tell, I'm pretty proud of myself.)

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