thinking about orphan care while painting “water #5”

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WATER PAINTING #5 (still in progress) • 40 inches x 30 inches

Here's the inspiration. Just like WATER PAINTING #3, I shot this photo when visiting the sand dunes in Saugatuck, Michigan.

DAY ONE: starting the sky...

starting the sand dunes...

then adding shadows and highlights in the sand.

DAY TWO: This morning I finished up the sky which had been drying for a week. Then I began painting the grasses...

Here's a close-up of the grasses.

This is the same area after spending several hours painting lots of colors.

And here it is full-size. Once again, I've run out of dry areas on the canvas so this needs to dry for a day or two before I can come back and paint some more grasses.

Sometimes my brain gets stuck in a rut of thinking about something over and over again, and I can’t make it stop.

Today was one of the those days. Right before I started painting, something was brought to my attendtion that made me steaming MAD. I spent about 30 minutes stewing, before I decided to stop wasting this emotional energy and focus on something more uplifting.

A friend of ours is the Director of the organization “Together for Adoption.” I decided to distract my mind and listen to some of the audio messages on his web site this morning. So instead of spending my day plotting REVENGE at this “wrong” which had been done to me, I am happy to say that my mind was filled with more productive thoughts (which is certainly is a much more enjoyable way paint than being filled with anger.)

Nothing has changed in my situation, but hearing these great messages on adoption at definitely put things into perspective for me, and my anger is gone (at least for now!) 🙂

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