Location #82 + the Meaning behind my Paintings

Export to PDF | Export to DOC142 artists opened up their studios on November 6 & 7, as part of the 2010 Greenville OPEN STUDIOS Tour. All weekend long I heard people say “I wish we had time to see  ALL the studios!” So for those of you who didn’t get a chance to stop by location […]

Done! “grassy dune”

Here’s an oil painting I created that’s inspired by the dunes in Saugatuck, MI.

Last but not least… Water Painting #5! (part 3)

Export to PDF | Export to DOCI thought I was totally done with my series called “WATER.” But when I pulled #5 out of the drying rack to photograph it, the colors just looked a little weak compared to the other five in this series. So yesterday I added some highlights and have declared it […]

Painting more shadows in the grass (Water Painting #5)

Export to PDF | Export to DOCToday marks the end of my FIVE PAINTINGS in FIVE WEEKS personal challenge. How I’d do? Well… I do NOT have five complete paintings, however, I do have six paintings that are all very close to being finished. So I would say that this crazy deadline has helped me […]

thinking about orphan care while painting “water #5”

Here’s a painting from some photos I took in Saugatuck, Michigan. My blog post today shows progress of the water painting I’m calling “#5.”