Last but not least… Water Painting #5! (part 3)

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WATER PAINTING #5 • 30 inches x 40 inches • done and drying!

Here's what the painting looked like before I did anything to it yesterday.

DAY SIX: Today I'm going to make the shadows deeper and the highlights brighter.

Here's the colors I'll be using.

The first thing I did was to add magenta near all the areas with navy blue. This is to help make the shadows feel deeper and cooler.

The next thing I did was add orange to the areas next to the bright green. This is to help make the highlights feel warmer.

Then I added some yellows and greens, but those didn't really show up too well.

I then added a more reddish orange. Especially in the foreground. I was basically just filling in little gaps and deepening colors that were already pained. This made all the green and yellow areas POP!

That's it! I'm done... 🙂

Here it is outside, which lets you see the TRUE colors. I've spent the last couple of days photographing all my completed paintings outside in the sun. So watch for the FINAL photos of what I've worked on in 2010 to show up on my blog this month. (Do you like my easel? 🙂 My super-helpful husband holds all my paintings so I can photograph them. I used to use a real easel, but sometimes the paintings would blow off... having a human easel is much more efficient because it will turn to face the sun! Does't he have cute legs? It must be all the hundreds of miles he's run in the past few years.)

I thought I was totally done with my series called “WATER.” But when I pulled #5 out of the drying rack to photograph it, the colors just looked a little weak compared to the other five in this series. So yesterday I added some highlights and have declared it officially DONE!

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