“bait stand” is done (AGAIN!)

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I just finished this painting for the SECOND time! • BAIT STAND • 30 inches x 24 inches

Do you see the blotchy string of spots that start in the corner and head down towards the B in the sign? I do NOT know where these spots came from. This does NOT make me very happy.

The left part of the sky also got all blotchy too. I must have had too much Walnut Oil mixed into my paints when I did that area -- it looks to me like the paint was just too thin. Either that, or there was actually something on the canvas because I don't think I did anything different than I normally would do when painting a sky.

It took me about 2 hours to re-paint the entire sky. I also ended up going in and touching up a lot of the boards. But as of TODAY, the splotches are all gone!

Here it is, finally done AGAIN, shown with the other three painting in this series called VACATION.

I probably should have just fixed it as soon as I noticed the splotches. But I did want to make sure that it was totally done splotching up before spending more time working on it again. My painting is probably better for the last extra coat I had to give it. Let's hope this really is the last one!

On March 25 2010, I blogged about having just finished this painting called “bait stand.”

As time went by, and this painting dried, I noticed something weird going on in the upper left corner of the painting. The longer it dried, the more that a group of strange, dull spots was appearing on the canvas.

This happened to one other piece I had painted from the same batch of canvasses. And the only way to fix it is to go back and re-paint over that entire area.

So for the past several months I’ve been looking at this “done” painting hanging up in my studio, knowing that it really was NOT done anymore, dreading the day when I would have to go back and try to get rid of all the weird spots.

Today was the day I finally fixed it! It was quite painstaking to get the sky to match, but at least now it’s finished (again!)

I’m keeping my fingers crossed that all the mysterious, annoying spots do not reappear…

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