Does this freak you out too?

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This super scary spider is living next to the water faucet in our back yard. Fortunately our sprinklers are on a timer, since I am scared to even go near this thing.

Are you afraid of spiders? I didn’t think I was, until I stumbled upon THIS one living in our backyard next to the hose (which I must use to keep our thirsty yard happy.)

Fortunately, my photo of the spider that’s shown here is quite blurry —  a good thing for those of us who are scared of spiders.

I decided to take a picture of this yucky thing so I could look it up on-line to make sure it wasn’t poisonous. It’s not. I can now rest easy when entering my back yard. (Which is a VERY good thing, since I stumbled upon another one this morning while dead-heading some flowers!)

If you are either (a.) brave or (b.) too curious NOT to look, here is a link with a great photo that shows what this scary spider really looks like in full, living, creepy color.

Despite the fact that it literally gives me the shivers to look at both the real spider AND the photo of this spider, I am fascinated by the unusual web that it weaves. If it weren’t actually a spider’s web, I’d have to say it was quite beautiful.

But I still just can’t get over the fact that it’s a spider web… YUCK!!!!!!!

Black and Yellow Garden Spider

2 thoughts on “Does this freak you out too?

  1. Dude, this spider is your friend. She is on your side. She wants your garden to be bug-free even more than you do.

    Love her. She is loving you with every insect she mutilates.

    • Hmm. I will try and love her. I definitely am more open to this now that I know she won’t kill me. Did I tell you that there are only 3 poinsonous spiders in SC? So that makes me feel more friendly to all the spiders who are ridding my garden from the bugs who want to be munching on my plants.

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