Finishing up Water Painting #3 (part 5)

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WATER PAINTING #3 • 40 inches x 30 inches • status = done & drying!

Here's where I had left off on DAY FIVE.

DAY SIX: Here's the paint I'm using today.

My plan is to just add a FEW tiny little spots of bright colors between the grass blades.

First I did orange...

Then the next thing I knew, I was putting crazy colors all over the place, with no regard for whether or not this was a good idea.

Fortunately, my experiment worked! What started out as a few subtle strokes of paint, ended up being several layers of colors added to the shadows. And then this caused me to go back to each of the other five paintings in this series and do basically the same thing. I think the extra day of work on each piece was definitely worth the effort, because I got the vibrancy I had been looking for in the grassy areas!

THIS is the first painting in this series in which I experimented with adding crazy-colored-shadows. I had planned to just try adding a few teeny, tiny dots of orange to help the painting “pop.” I liked how that looked enough to add another color, then another, etc.

It has been a great exercise to work on six paintings of the same subject matter. Studying the same thing really forces you to look with new eyes.

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  1. I happened to stumble on your blog by chance. Im glad I did. The water series is fantastic. Very painstaking effort. Keep posting.

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