water painting #6

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WATER PAINTING #6 • 40 inches x 30 inches • status = drying

DAY SEVEN: Thanks to all of you who cast your vote on June 21st, as to whether or not this painting was done. The results were unanimous that it was completed. However, after adding all the colored shadows to the other five paintings in my series called WATER, I decided I needed one more day to work on this painting.

On this day I used lots of oranges, some red, and some lime green. I was basically just putting colors all over the place, trying not to think too hard about. I was just in the ZONE, painting by instinct--hoping I wasn't ruining the piece for good! (Especially since I have an interested buyer in this particular one!) I added a lot more yellows and orange to the path to help it feel like the sun is shining on it. I also added more colors to the large grasses in the foreground. I think this helped to make them look more 3-dimensional. If you compare the two different days, you'll also notice that the grasses on the left side blend more realistically from top to bottom. I'm pretty please with how this turned out. And as always, wish you could see it in person to get the true effect!

One of the elements I’m trying to create in each of my WATER paintings is the feeling that the grasses are gently moving in the breeze.

Our neighbors have some of these same grasses at the end of their driveway, so every time I drive, run, or walk past them, I take a good long look at what makes them beautiful. They seem to sparkle in the sun as they move around — and that’s what I REALLY wanted in my paintings — but I just wasn’t sure how to get this feeling.

And then it just dawned on me recently. It’s not the blades of grass I need to worry so much about, it’s the space BETWEEN the grasses that I should be focusing on. In real life, the blades of grass are all the same color, but it’s the shadows created by the breeze that make it so interesting to watch.

So even though I thought I was done with this painting, when I pulled it out (of my van where it was drying all week) again, and held it up to the other five paintings in the series, I decided it just wasn’t quite done.

I went back and added all kind of crazy colors in random places–to help define the blades of grass, and hopefully create the magical feeling of moving grasses that you get at the beach (and also at the end of my neighbor’s driveway!)

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