water painting #6

Export to PDF | Export to DOCOne of the elements I’m trying to create in each of my WATER paintings is the feeling that the grasses are gently moving in the breeze. Our neighbors have some of these same grasses at the end of their driveway, so every time I drive, run, or walk past […]

celebrating the summer solstice while painting Water #6

So many grasses to paint on “water #6.” This painting is inspired from the shores of Lake Michigan.

painting what’s not really there (water painting #6)

Here’s the latest photos of my progress on Water Painting #6–a scene inspired from the shores of Lake Michigan.

10 days and counting…(water painting #6)

I have ten days left to finish my challenge called “Five Paintings in Five weeks” Here’s photos of Water Painting #6:…

enjoying the heat while painting “water #6”

“Some like it hot. Some like it HOT.” I like it HOT, so lucky me, it’s 84 degrees in my studio while I’m painting today. Which comes in handy since I’m painting beach scenes.