Location #82 + the Meaning behind my Paintings

Export to PDF | Export to DOC142 artists opened up their studios on November 6 & 7, as part of the 2010 Greenville OPEN STUDIOS Tour. All weekend long I heard people say “I wish we had time to see  ALL the studios!” So for those of you who didn’t get a chance to stop by location […]

Done! “salt marsh dock”

Here’s my latest oil painting of a fishing dock in the marshes of Edisto Island…

water painting #4 (part 4)

I just finished an oil painting of a fishing dock in Edisto Beach State Park. My blog shows photos of my progress.

painting what’s not really there (water painting #6)

Here’s the latest photos of my progress on Water Painting #6–a scene inspired from the shores of Lake Michigan.

Water Painting #4 (part 3)

I’m painting a dock that is located on the salt marshes of Edisto Island. I wish I were there right now…

water painting #4 (part 2)

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water painting #4

Export to PDF | Export to DOCWhen it’s all said and done, my current series called “WATER” will be made up of seven oil paintings. Some of these are inspired by the shores of Lake Michigan, and some are from the Low Country area of South Carolina. This particular piece (which I’m temporarily calling “water #4” […]