Water Painting #4 (part 3)

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WATER PAINTING #4 (in progress) • 40 inches x 30 inches

I was starting to wonder if this painting was EVER going to have any life to it, until late this afternoon when I added the shadow on the floor of the dock, and the piece magically started to come to life.

It’s amazing to me the way this strong shadow has completely changed the feeling of this painting. The strong contrast is what gives it the “punch.”

My tag line “color. light. contrast. beauty.” should probably always be the litmus test for me when I’m considering which of my photos will turn into strong paintings. If a painting has each of these four elements, it’s usually a winner for me. (Hopefully when this particular painting is done, I’ll feel like it belongs in that category.) But for now, I’ll keep plugging along, painting wooden boards… which can be a little boring, but certainly worth the effort!

DAY FOUR: I spent the day working on the posts and boards which make up the railing of this dock.

DAY FIVE: I spent several more hours painting the posts and boards on the right side of the dock.

The painting finally felt like it was coming together once I started painting the shadow on the deck boards. The blue will need to dry, and then I'll begin working on the floor of the dock. I'll put another color over the blue shadow... the color that's there now is just a base coat to add richness.

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