Painting more shadows in the grass (Water Painting #5)

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WATER PAINTING #5 (in progress) • 40 inches x 30 inches

Today marks the end of my FIVE PAINTINGS in FIVE WEEKS personal challenge.

How I’d do? Well… I do NOT have five complete paintings, however, I do have six paintings that are all very close to being finished. So I would say that this crazy deadline has helped me to be much more productive than I normally would be.

I was actually going to start Water Painting #7 today, however, my 6-year old offered up some good advice when asked his opinion on what I should paint today. “I think you should work on finishing the one’s you have already started so you can reach your goal.” (Thank goodness he inherited my husband’s logical engineering mind.)

So that’s what did… I spent the better part of my day finishing up #5, even though I REALLY wanted to start #7.

DAY THREE: Here's where I had left off a couple of weeks ago.

On this day I added lots of dark blue shadows.

DAY FOUR: Today I'm just adding more shadows in the grasses. I spent all morning using only navy blue paint and one tiny brush.

After I put navy blue everywhere I thought it should go, I started all over adding some yellow, greens, and then navy again.

I've run out of dry areas, so time to move on to another painting.

Here it is from a distance... it's rather impressionistic, so I like stepping back and looking at it from far away. Sorry this photo is dark... it's rather overcast today.

Now it just needs to dry... (this could take a while since summer is upon us, in all its humid glory!)

8 thoughts on “Painting more shadows in the grass (Water Painting #5)

  1. I love your blog! So glad I found it here-and your painting is just beautiful. I love how you added the detail of the dirt at the base of the grass-most painters just show the grass against the sky.

    • Thanks, Kelli! You have such good taste. 🙂 xxx from SC (where I just spent the day sitting at an art show in 90 degree heat–but I’m not complaining. Better than 60 degrees and rainy.)

      • I was at an art show today too! Not quite as hot, but so muggy. Ran into some of our artist friends there. There was a photographer there who had some awesome botanicals that reminded me of subjects that you paint. She had some great sunflower compositions–just like another talented artist I know! Also saw Don Swartzentruber’s booth–he agreed that I’m qualified to be an appreciator of fine art. 🙂 Yay, since that’s about all I can manage right now.

  2. That is excellent that you are in this challenge, and it has made you more productive and motivated to work on them. I think these challenges really do help, and your paintings are amazing. I love the colors in each of them. Full of life! Well done in taking part. 🙂

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