Look what came in the mail!

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Isn't this beautiful? My friend Natalie made me this little purse with a matching Snack Pouch!

I love the three fabrics she's chosen. Even the inside is pretty! (The inside of the snack pouch is waterproof. How practical!)

This unique button is the perfect finishing touch.

I just got a surprise package in the mail.

It’s this adorable little purse that my talented friend Natalie sent me. The best part of all, is that she made it for me!

I think it’s totally adorable, so I just wanted to brag on my friend and show off her good taste in fabrics, as well as her fine craftsmanship.

This is exactly the kind of fabric, shape, style I would have chosen for myself. (I guess that’s just what good friends know how to do.)

Thanks, Natalie. I LOVE IT!!!

On a side note, in her “spare time” Natalie heads up the nursing department in a hospital. She has 50 nurses reporting to her. So when exactly did she possibly find time to make me a purse? (That’s what makes it all the more special!) 🙂

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