Banished to the garage this week!

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I really hate to part with these alphabet cards. The box contains 26 illustrations, each of a different animal from A-Z. I had them hanging in Nathan's room when he was much younger. I just love the illustrator's bright colors and whimsical style.

It’s rummage-sale week at my house, so I’ve been busy working in the garage.

Here’s a few photos of all the unused items I found throughout our house, as I’ve been trying to rid our home of any unnecessary clutter.

How can my garage be full of unused items when there are people in Haiti living in tents. It seriously is shameful when you think about it.

Here is a project I did in my first college art class called 2-dimensional design, back in 1990. That was 20 years ago! Why do we still have this painting lurking around? I don't even want to count how many times this funny painting has been moved. It would be cute in a kid's room... hopefully somebody with the same idea takes it off my hands. Otherwise it's on it's way to Goodwill.

We now have a toy store in our garage. Whatever does not sell I'm taking to Goodwill too, so that somebody else can use them.

These pillows shown here are the last remaining stash of my secret pillow stash. This is after having given probably 5 boxes to Goodwill in 2008. (This also doesn't take into account my autumn, winter, and spring pillows that are currently in rotation. OR the new ones I have plans to make with some fabric I recently bought... OR the new ones I have planned using parts of some old dresses that are out of fashion but have interesting embroidery in places.)

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