10 days and counting…(water painting #6)

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WATER PAINTING #6 (in progress) • 30" x 40"

DAY TWO: here's where I began on this day.

A close-up of the grass on the right horizon. This is basically just underpainting. When it dries, I"ll come back and add some more detail.

DAY THREE: I added more grasses to the same area.

I spent the day adding more layers to all the different areas of grasses.

I also painted the first coat on all the fence posts. The sign in the foreground looks a little ominous. I'll have to figure out how to fix that once it dries.

My grasses are all starting to blend together, so I better let this dry for a couple of days!

Here’s where I am on my third painting, in my “Five paintings in Five weeks” challenge.

Only 10 more (solitary) work days left to reach my goal before summer break begins.

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