celebrating the summer solstice while painting Water #6

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Water Painting #6 • 30 inches x 40 inches (am I done yet?)

One of the biggest challenge when working with oils is making sure the piece is dry enough to add another layer. Yesterday I got smart and put this painting in a box on the patio. Our thermometer said it was about 115 degrees out there in the sun, so I decided to harness some of that near-Summer Solstice heat to help speed up the drying of this painting.

DAY SIX: Here's where I began this morning. I have the entire day to paint, so I'm hoping to finish this painting up today.

The first thing I worked on was changing the tone of the fence posts. They were too peachy/gray/cool for my taste, so I basically repainted the three that are closest to the front. I then added the barbed wired that was attached to the posts.

The rest of the day was spent painting grasses. And grasses. And more grasses.

Green grasses, yellow grasses, blue grasses too. How many more layers do you think I need to do? Cast your vote if you like...

Happy First Day of Summer!

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