Back to work… (whoo-hoo!)

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Here's my Fall Painting Planning Calendar. I decided to write my painting plans in pencil this time. I REALLY don't like it when I have to cross something out on my calendar. Since it's hard to predict how long a painting will take, I finally wised up and used a pencil. It's not nearly as pretty, but probably more practical.

Today is the first day of school! So I am BACK in my studio for the fall.

Can you feel my excitement??? It helps that my son has been counting the hours until he returns to school and begins second grade, so I have no guilt in feeling my own personal JOY!

This week I’ll be starting a series of three commissioned oil paintings for a new collector of mine that I first met at the Trillium Arts Fest in Travelers Rest, SC last October.

To help keep my mind focussed on painting this week, I’ll probably just post some photos from my “summer of fun” until next Monday.

Stay tuned for my painting progress on “milk can,” “intercoastal sunrise,” and “adams farm” over the next few weeks.

(I really don’t want to mess up my planning calendar, so that will seriously motivate me to work hard to get them done in accordance to my painting schedule!)

Happy Fall 2010 Painting Season to me! 🙂

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