turning napkins into throw pillows

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This summer it was time for some new pillows! So I made the pink one on the chair and the two blue ones on the couch. (I used 4 existing pillows, so as not to start building up my pillow stash to high again.)

On the 4th of July I turned these cloth napkins into a new throw pillow to replace this one shown in the photo that doesn't really match my current decor.

Simply sew two together with right sides facing each other. Be sure to leave most of the 4th side open so you have room for the pillow form.

Insert pillow form... mine didn't go in very easily, but I used my muscles and made it work.

BEFORE: The three middle pillows did not really match the look I'm going for. They were from our old house in Milwaukee, and never really quite matched that house either!

AFTER: I love my two new pillows!

Once I got the two new blue pillows completed, I was motivated to make two more using fabric I had purchased last spring. Now Tim's poor manly recliner is not only covered by a fuchsia afghan, it also has a pink pillow. (But I promise it's just for summer! He puts up with a lot of my pillow mania throughout our home, but for most of the year his manly chair is pillow-free.)

Here's the matching one on the opposite side of the room.

The room is now complete... at least for a few weeks until I decide to change something else.

Like last week, when I decided to switch the painting over the fireplace. I decided to bring down my new painting called BOAT DOCK to try it out in a room. But then that called for some rearranging of my mantel. You can rest assured that no new pillows were needed at this time. This new painting was not my favorite in the series, but now that it's hanging in the family room... I REALLY like it! It really brings out the golds and oranges in my window treatments.

It was Sunday, July 4th and we had nothing to do but REST that afternoon, as we were still “on vacation” after returning home from our Hilton Head get-away.

I tried to take a nap, but all I could do was think about how much I wanted to make new throw pillows for my couch. Is that a crazy use of time? It actually wasn’t super fun making them, but I’ve enjoyed looking at my “new” pillows all summer!

For those of you who know about my pillow obsession–technically these pillows are not “new.” I simply recovered some existing pillows!

So how’s this for an easy Sunday afternoon project?

  • take two square napkins
  • sew them together (with right sides facing each other)
  • stuff with a pillow form
  • sew shut
  • You’re done!

One new throw pillow to add to your life! (or two, or three, or four…)

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