A quick visit to Indianapolis…

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We spent the night in downtown Indianapolis on our way to Milwaukee. What a great city!

The Weber Grill Restaurant. We didn't eat here, but I loved their 3-dimensional sign. We wondered if the smells wafting from the restaurant were created by actual cooking, or if they were turned on by a button somewhere in the back room.

On Saturday we drove up to the Broad Ripple neighborhood which is about 8 miles North of downtown.

Lots of funky shops...

fun restaurants...

...and more restaurants!

After walking past all kinds of fun looking places, we finally chose this little spot to eat lunch.

We were not disappointed! This bagel joint was obviously where ALL the locals hang out. They even made me a special gluten-free version of one of their bagel sandwiches. I would definitely stay over in Indy again. Or even consider doing the Broad Ripple Art fair in May!

Towards the end of July we headed North to visit our families in Wisconsin and Indiana. We decided to split the trip up and spent a day/night in Indianapolis. If you’ve never been to Indy… it’s worth the trip! (But I definitely prefer it in the summer.)

Here’s a few photos from our trip…

2 thoughts on “A quick visit to Indianapolis…

  1. My family has always planned our trips to Indy around which restaurants we want to patronize. That can determine the length of the trip, and I’m not sure I dare find any new ones, or we’ll have to move there or something. Still, your selections look veeerrrry tasty indeed!

    • We went to a Tapas restaurant on Friday night that was just on the edge of downtown. It was DELICIOUS!!! You should go there next time. I’m sure Tim would remember the name of it. They even had a Gluten Free menu which made me love them all the more.

      I thought of you went we walked past both “LePeep” and “The Palamino.” I think we ate at both of those places together. 🙂

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