Catherine Caterpillar

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Catherine the Caterpillar spent the day watching me paint yesterday. She is rather hard to see, as we tried to make her home as leafy-comfortable as possible. In this photo she is at the top of her home sitting on a twig.


This is the strawberry plant she had adopted before we found her.


We found two caterpillars in our yard over the past two days. The first one was hiding on the under-side of the leaves of one of our new strawberry plants. I was going to move it to the woods, but then I remembered that last year Nathan’s Kindergarten teacher had caterpillars in her classroom so the kids could watch them turn into butterflies. 

So instead of leaving this caterpillar happily munching on our new plant, we made a little home for it and gave it a name. Catherine Caterpillar is now living in my studio. She was very happy when we added a friend to her home last night. He is named “Cat” and it appears that he’s already busy working on his cocoon!

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