ninety four dollars and nineteen cents

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My order came from today! A pleasant surprise since I was almost out of white paint.

On Tuesday morning I realized that I was just about out of  WHITE paint.

I normally don’t use a whole lot of WHITE, other than when I paint skies–I use it then to lighten my blues and to make clouds.

Since I’ve worked on painting four big skies this week, I probably used about 1/3 of an entire tube of white. So starting on Tuesday morning when I noticed my quickly depleting supply,  I’ve been rationing WHITE paint and holding my breath until my newest paint order arrived.

This morning it came… good old dependable Dick Blick!

So $94.19 later, I’ve got my new tube of WHITE! (along with BLUE, BROWN, and YELLOW paints; some brush soap; brush cleaner; and 5 hanging kits for the back of my canvasses.) Time to get back to work on finishing all those big skies I’ve started!

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