The fragrance of roses while painting “water painting #1”

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Here's the painting I've been working on this week. Until I can think of a better name, I'm calling it WATER PAINTING #1.

Do you see the vase with roses on the cart near the window? They have been filling my studio with the most amazing fragrance today.

Tomorrow I'll work on defining this area more. I hope it's dry in the morning.

I couldn’t resist adding all the photos today (they’re in reverse order of my progress.)

Besides my painting progress, I really wanted you to see the photo of the roses that I have in my studio today. They are from my neighbor’s garden. I photographed them this morning when the sun was shining on them because I thought they’d be fun to paint next winter after frost has killed off all the beauty we’re enjoying right now.

You can see my photo shoot of this future painting on my Facebook fan page (Is it even called that anymore? The new button says you “Like” Marie Scott. So what do you call the page then? My “Like” page? That makes no sense.)

2 thoughts on “The fragrance of roses while painting “water painting #1”

  1. Hi Marie,

    I love your entries showing your progress. As a novice creative experimenter versus a professional artist, I find it fascinating to see what parts of a painting you do first and how it evolves. Thanks so much!

    Gorgeous piece!

    • Hey, we all started out as novice creative experiementers… so don’t sell yourself short. Like anything, it just takes lots of hours of painting to keep getting better. Thanks for following my progress!! 🙂

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