Licking my wounds while painting “water painting #1”

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WATER PAINTING #1 at the end of my work day.

Here it is half-way through my work day. I thought you might like to see how the trees on the right start out. I've been observing clumps of trees for about 7 years now. When I'm outside with a view, they never fail to captivate me.

I got called yesterday from the gallery that  I had shipped five of my oil paintings to last Tuesday. They called to tell me that they ran out of wall space, and that my paintings didn’t match any of the other work in the gallery, so they were shipping them all back to me.

Talk about rejection. It’s one thing to apply for a show or a gallery though images on a CD and have those turned down. But to be approached by a gallery who asks for your paintings, and then to hear that they are sending them back to you because they don’t want them…. it’s pretty hard not to take that personally.

So I’m back at work painting again today, wondering why this happened, but resting in the fact that God knows what’s up with me. Our pastor has been preaching through the book of John, so I’ve been hearing a lot of talk about Jesus lately.

Talk about rejection. Here he was–GOD–and His own creation (man) not only rejected Him, but brutally murdered Him.

So I’m reminding myself that He can sympathize with my hurt ego since He’s been through a lot worse than I have.

I’m not a preacher, I’m a painter. If you want to hear some great teaching on what’s been giving me peace for the last 24 hours, you can listen to the great sermons I’ve been hearing from my pastor Brian Habig lately.

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