water painting #1

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Here's the photo I took which is the inspiration for WATER PAINTING #1

WATER PAINTING #1 (unless i can think of a more interesting name) • 40 inches x 30 inches • oils on canvas

Here’s what I’ve been up to today. I actually started a few of the other paintings in this series in the past couple of days.

I am surprised by how serene all the skies are all turning out to be. Hmmmm. Maybe I’m entering a new phase with my paintings. Or maybe they’ll end up just as bright and vibrant as my others.

I like the idea of trying something new, so maybe this is the series to do it. I guess you’ll just have to check back to see what happens to them.

Happy Cinco De Mayo EVE!

2 thoughts on “water painting #1

  1. I love your painting, and how you are going with the flow and trying something new.

    I hope this is the start of something more intuitive into who you are.

    A very happy creative every day month.

    Your blog is beautiful. 🙂

    • Thank you for your encouragement. I had some paintings rejected from a gallery today, so your comment came at a great time. I wish my skin were thicker!! Tomorrow will be a better day… 🙂

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