Starting a new series today (“WATER!”)

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Here's a preview of my new series called "WATER." Half of the photos are from Lake Michigan, and the others are from the Low Country of South Carolina. Can you tell which are from up North and which are from down South?

There are less than five weeks until school ends. This is good news to many people. But in my house, the last day of school will be a sad, sad day. Nathan adores school, and I adore my time to paint while he’s at school.

So that means I’ve begun my count-down of remaining painting days. I’ve got roughly 23 days left to work in blissful silence until “summer” begins.

I’ve decided to that means it’s time to crank up my productivity during the month of May. My goal for the remaining day s left of this school year is to complete five of the paintings in my new series called “WATER!”

I’m not making any promises, but that’s my goal. To help make this a more realistic possibility, I’m scaling back on my blog to make sure I spend enough time doing what I’m really supposed to be doing… PAINTING!

So for the next month, I’ll just be posting one photo a day. See you tomorrow! 🙂

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