What is a FAMSTER? (mine took a long trip!)

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"Snow??!!!?" (My famster was NOT happy about standing in it to pose for the picture.)

Sand. (ahhhh.... much better.)

My friend Kyle is an incredibly talented artist that I met at church when we first moved to Greenville in November, 2008. She paints vibrantly colored oil paintings on the most unusual surface–canvasses that she makes using patterned fabrics.

Kyle leaves some of the fabric showing, but it blends seamlessly with the painting. If you like my paintings, you would love hers too as we have similar styles/color palettes.

Besides painting, Kyle also creates the cutest creatures she calls “Famsters.” Her famsters each have a name, and are made from the same fun, funky fabrics she likes to paint on.

On March 1, 2010, Kyle began a quirky project that I just love. It’s called “FAMSTERVILLE. 365 famsters, 365 days, 365 places – beginning March 1, 2010 YOUR GOAL is to figure out the location of each daily picture!”

Every day she posts a photo of her new Famster shown in a different location. You can guess the location on her blog, or even just bid on the new daily Famster through Kyle’s E-bay store.

Just a TIP: during March the bidding starts at only $4.99! Starting in April the opening bid is $14.99 (which is still a steal for a handmade piece of art.) Bid on yours today! I bid on “Liam” on Sunday… my Famster needed a friend, so hopefully I will win the auction, and then have two Famsters in my life!

If you fall in love with Kyle’s Famsters like I have, click here to join her Facebook Fan Page.

Below are some photos of a trip we took in Mid-February. I knew the Famsterville would be soon starting, so it inspired me to photograph my Famster on our long journey. In nine days we went from Greenville, SC, to Milwaukee, WI, to Cedar Key, FL and back to Greenville. Through many plane rides and miles in the van, my Famster was quite the easy travel companion.

PS. One last FAMSTER plug. I just saw Kyle had made one for a baby gift — you can order them “baby-friendly” without the button eyes. SO CUTE!!!

Leaving Greenville, SC

Welcome to Cincinnati.

CVG Airport.

MKE airport.

Welcome to WISCONSIN!

Meadowbrook Church, Wauwatosa, WI

Classic Milwaukee homes line this street in Wauwatosa.

Gingrass Art Gallery, Wauwastosa, WI. (Ten of my barn paintings are available in this gallery.)

Can you guess this location?

My famster did his best not to get wet.

Down the escalator, into the tunnel...

Funky lights. Funky music.

Got home at 8pm. Left at 8am the next morning for a road trip.

At least we headed in the opposite direction.

Some of my favorite words in the English language: "Welcome to Florida!"

Just relaxing in Cedar Key, FL.

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