Back to the easel (painting “bait stand” part 4)

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Here's my painting called BAIT STAND, after working on it for two more days since my last post.

(This photo shows where I had left off at the end of DAY THREE.)

DAY FOUR: My camera died on this day, so unfortunately I don't have any progress photos. But this photo shows what it looks like after I had completed painting all the wooden slats.

DAY FIVE: Today I'm using different shades of yellow paint to create the white sign. This will help the sign feel like the sun is shining on it. If I just used pure white, the sign would feel rather lifeless and flat.

Painting the sign: First I'm outlining the letters in black (before painting them red) to give them more dimension.

The top sign is done, now I just need to finish the lower sign. I'll work on that this week and get this piece wrapped up! I don't fish myself, but for some reason I think this composition with the signs is so cool. I can't wait to paint the other words on the lower sign... "shrimp, finger, mullet, chubs, pin fish." I've never heard of those things (I'm assuming it's the bait that's for sale?) Maybe it's the mystery of these words that create the intrigue in this piece for me. 🙂

After spending most of last week painting four of the rooms in our home, I’m happy to be back to my painting on my easel today. My rooms turned out great — thanks to the help of my father-in-law doing all the hard work of rolling, while I did all the tedious edging.

I’m most happy to report that I love all three of the colors I chose. Good thing, since I’m stuck with them!

There was one little color-mishap in my family room, but more on that another day.

Today I’m just happy to be working towards finishing up one of the paintings from my “Vacation” series.

Watch for a post in the coming weeks to show photos of my new non-white walls!

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