Painting “boat dock” (part 3)

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I've been working on my piece called BOAT DOCK for the past two days. This photo was taken after I was finished painting today.

DAY SIX: This is what the painting looked like when I began yesterday morning. Do you notice the weird marks in the bottom left section of the sky? That is a problem I've been dreading dealing with, but it needs to be fixed. I think there was something on the canvas that reacted with my paint. I've never had this happen before, so I hope if I put another layer of paint over this area that it will cover the marks. They appeared several hours after I (thought) I had finished the sky.

Here's a close up of the marks. I can't imagine anyone would buy a painting with weird marks in the sky. So if I can't fix this problem, I will have wasted a lot of time on this painting.

After some very tedious work, I fixed it! The problem was not so much matching the colors in the sky, but rather painting around all the posts that intersect the sky. I'm actually more happy with the sky now than ever. There is a lot of yellow at the horizon which added more life to this painting.

I also started painting the signs. They need to dry a bit though because the red is smearing everywhere!

DAY SEVEN: I touched up the sky and added more colors to the water. I took the paint I used in the sky and put that in the water so it looks like it's reflecting the sky.

After finishing up the sky, water, and signs, I began working on the dock. You can see the yellow I've added in the upper left corner.

I put a thin wash of Indian Yellow paint over the entire dock to warm up the feel of the painting.

I'm basically done now. I just need to let it dry so I can go back and touch up the signs.

The top two paintings are the first half of my series called VACATION. Now that I have BOAT DOCK mostly completed and BAIT STAND done, I feel more motivated to move on to the other two paintings in the series called BEACH and BUOYS.

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