Another sunflower painting finds a good home (Milwaukee Delivery #3)

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Here's a photo from the summer garden of the house where my latest painting delivery was made. Does it surprise you that the couple who created this lovely flower-filled yard bought one of my latest SUNFLOWER paintings? 🙂 (Maybe I'll have to turn the photo of this little cottage garden into a painting someday.) 

This is the darling house where my oil painting called SUNFLOWER #5 is now living. It was a rainy April day in Bay View, but even in the gloomy pre-spring conditions, I thought this house was so charming — a perfect fit for the feel of one of my very favorite paintings. 

My client Julie sent me this photo from when they had first bought the house, BEFORE they changed the exterior color palette. What a difference the right color can make! It's interesting to me that it looks better WITHOUT the shutters. In the before photo, I think they just make the front of the house look crowded. I don't think I would have considered ditching the shutters, but I'm so glad they did because I think it looks great without them! I like the shape/construction of their new landscaping beds too. Next time I'm in Bay View I'll drive by to enjoy them in the summer.

Here is SUNFLOWER #5 hanging in my own house, just before I packed it up and delivered it to it's new owner. I'm going to have giclee prints on canvas made of this painting that so I can hang it in this same spot. They will be the same exact size as the original (24 inches x 24 inches.)

MAPLE WISH • 36 inches x 24 inches • original oil painting © 2004 marie scott

SUNFLOWER #5 • 24 inches x 24 inches • original oil painting © 2010 marie scott

I delivered three paintings while in Milwaukee over Easter weekend. My last stop was dropping off my most recent botanical painting called “sunflower #5.”

The sale of this piece was made via my web site and e-mail, so this was the first time I had seen where my current favorite sunflower painting would be living from now on.

When I pulled up to the house, my heart gave a little leap for joy. I thought to myself “what a darling house! It looks like my painting was meant to live here.”

And then when I was welcomed inside to their cute Bay View Bungalow, I realized that this client was actually somebody who had previously bought a painting from me right before we moved to South Carolina. I just hadn’t made the connection between the name and the face. So that was a pleasant surprise too.

After I returned home from Milwaukee, I e-mailed Julie and told her how happy I was that my painting matched the feel of her home and her other painting. She mentioned that she and her husband had redone the exterior of their house, and then was also kind enough to send me a BEFORE photo.

I thought you may enjoy seeing the BEFORE and AFTER photos too. I couldn’t believe the difference their improvements made in changing the feel of their home, so I asked her how she decided to go with the color blue for the exterior.

Here’s her answer:

“I just always thought it should be blue from the very first time I saw it. The house we lived in when I was really young was a colonial blue and I guess it stuck with me in a positive way. I always liked the shape of our house and thought it was wasted with the white/red combo. The white made me feel like the house was sort of border-less and undefined, if that makes sense. The blue makes it feel solid and really helps the landscaping “pop.”

And, the color is called “Boothbay Blue.” We went to Maine after we got married and stayed in several places. Boothbay Harbor was the first stop!”

I love that the color of their house is named after their honeymoon spot! 🙂

Julie also had purchased my painting called “maple wish.” I think it will be a great companion piece to “sunflower #5.”

She and her husband are still deciding where to hang their newest painting, but judging by the design talent they’ve shown on exterior of their home, I’m sure it will look great wherever they decide to place it!

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