testing out “afternoon nap”

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AFTERNOON NAP on my easel before I worked on it this morning . Although I really liked seeing the orange in the bottom grasses, I felt like the top and bottom of the painting were disconnected. I want your eye to look at the tree and water, not just the grass in the foreground.

I was just going to add some blues into the grass (to match the sky) and the next thing I knew, several hours had passed (and several colors were added -- mostly light yellows, blues, and greens to match the rest of the grassy areas.)

Here's a close-up hanging on my bedroom wall. I really need to photograph it outside to get more of the true colors captured. It's fairly close, but a little washed out looking in this photo.

A view from the bed.

Here it is shown from another an angle of the room so you can get a feel for how it looks on this rather awkwardly long wall. The painting is 40 inches wide by 30 inches tall.

Here's another view of our bedroom. The painting of the tree may or may not stay there (I was planning to hang a print of SUNFLOWER #5 in this spot but I still need to order them first.) The framed paintings over the bed are watercolors I did a few years ago of some single trees. I recently painted the walls a celery green, so I needed something new for over the headboard... I remembered I still had these little paintings so I decide to frame a few of them to make a series.

I used the frames from these old prints that I had hanging in our bedroom about 8 years ago. My taste has REALLY changed since I bought these, but each of the last three times we moved I hung onto them. I thought maybe I'd use the frames some day. Saturday was finally the SOME DAY!

Here the frames are with MY paintings inside. The three watercolors are called FLORIDA #10, FLORIDA #5 and FLORIDA #9. I'm so happy I saved these frames for so many years. I love how they look with the trees on my new celery green walls! (This photo probably shows the new paint color on the walls most accurately.)

Here are my two Famsters: Liam is the small one on the left, and Tricia is the bigger one on the right. I recently got Liam from eBay as part of the FAMSTERVILLE project. Tricia was a Christmas present from Tim when we first moved to Greenville. The artist who makes these is one of the first friends I made after moving here... she is a super talented painter/fiber artist. Be sure to check out her Famsterville Blog! http://famsterville.blogspot.com/

I’m testing out my new oil painting called “afternoon nap.” I think it’s finished, so I hung it in my bedroom this afternoon to look at for a couple of weeks while it’s drying. That will help me decide if it needs any more work or if I can sign the back and then list it on my web site.

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