I love spring. (especially azaleas!)

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The azaleas have just opened up in my yard. They are glorious!

SO GLORIOUS... that I went to Lowe's yesterday and bought five more bushes! (They are small so they were only $2 each -- how could I go wrong for that price?) Fortunately for me, my hole-digging husband has also fallen in love with azaleas too!

I can't think of too many things I enjoy more than watching the yard come to life in the spring. Some of my hostas are peeking out of the ground too! I hope the others I can't see yet have survived the winter and will pop up soon. The grape hyacinth bulbs were a birthday present from my family who know how much I love spring flowers. As I was planting them last November, I was re-thinking the wisdom of asking for yard work as a gift. But I'm so glad I did... they've been blooming for several weeks now, giving me great pleasure whenever I look at them!

2 thoughts on “I love spring. (especially azaleas!)

  1. I love your azaleas, too. I planted my bushes several years ago, and they never seemed to “take” so I think I’m going to replace them this year. I wonder if my Lowe’s has bushes for $2, too?

    • Thanks! 🙂 I noticed that Walmart also had Azaleas for $2.98. But it’s possible they are so cheap here because they don’t have to be shipped very far. They need acidic soil to do well, so maybe that’s why yours haven’t grown? Tim just took a vacation day today and added two new beds around our patio. Now it doesn’t just look like a big square of concrete stuck to our house (or at least it won’t once I get some bushes/flowers planted in there. Planting bushes is not an easy task here since the soil is so hard.

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