done! (“afternoon nap”)

Export to PDF | Export to DOCI’ve had this piece hanging up for several months now, and decided long ago that it just wasn’t “quite right.” So just last week I FINALLY put the finishing touches on it, and I’m happy with the results. Here’s the before and after photos… the changes I made were […]

testing out “afternoon nap”

I recently painted my bedroom. So today I hung up a Brand-new oil painting I just finished to see how it looks. I’ll keep the painting hung up for a while to make sure it’s done. Then hopefully somebody will buy it for their house!

Painting “afternoon nap” (part 4)

Here’s some photos of the progress of my painting called “Afternoon Nap.” It’s inspired by some photos I took near San Francisco, specifically on Mt. Tam. It’s almost done, but not quite.

Painting “afternoon nap” (part 1)

I started a new painting. It’s called “afternoon nap.” When it’s done, I want you to feel like you’re laying down in the foreground taking a nap outside.