Painting “afternoon nap” (part 3)

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DAY 3: Here's my newest painting called "afternoon nap" at the end of my painting session today.

(Here it is before I began painting this morning.) When I last worked on the clouds, I thought I would need to give them a second coat of white since the first layer wasn't covering the orange under-painting. But now that it's dry, I actually really like how it looks with a tiny bit of orange showing through the white areas. I'm going to leave that alone for now. I decided to paint with really thin layers today so that the orange keeps showing through in the other areas too.

I did a think wash of greens and yellows on the hill under the tree. You can still see a hint of orange, which I am totally diggin'.

I'm done for now. The green hill I just painted has a lot of white in it, so it will take a few weeks to dry. That needs to be totally dry before I can paint the grass in the foreground. I wasn't planning to start that grass at all today, but then when I was wrapping up I got the idea to clean off all my brushes in that area so I simply painted strokes from each of my dirty brushes. Then I added some dark blue and cyan strokes which will be shadow areas once this becomes grass. I think I will like how the majority of this painting is smooth and serene, but the grass is very textured. I also think I'm going to want to hang this in my bedroom until it sells... it would match perfectly! 🙂

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