Repurposing a too-small BOOT.

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My son Nathan outgrew his adorable rain boots, but I hadn't had the heart to get rid of them yet because they match his Fireman Raincoat (which still fits.) So they'd just been collecting dust in our garage for the past several months. But yesterday they got a new life!

We were gone all last week at a funeral, and then on a short vacation. So he just got this assignment on Tuesday (which was due Wednesday--today!) His super-sweet teacher said we could have a few extra days to work on it without any points being deducted, but then last night I had a brainstorm...

I remembered these boots in the garage! Over the last day or two I had actually been wondering where I was going to put the pot of yellow tulips that Nathan had picked out for my valentine gift, so combining the two seemed like the perfect solution for a quick and easy homework project.

So last night we split up the tulips and planted them into both boots. Now his homework was done, but more importantly, I have one cute NEW PLANTER for my front porch. All thanks to First Grade Homework! 🙂

2 thoughts on “Repurposing a too-small BOOT.

  1. Welcome to school , good idea. You only have how many more years of homework? Hope you get a good grade Nathan, it really looks nice. I also voted for your friend’s picture on Artsonia, hope yours gets up there next month Aunt Jeanne

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