Painting “afternoon nap” (part 4)

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DAY FIVE: Here's my oil painting called AFTERNOON NAP. It's mostly done, except for the foreground area with the grasses still needs some work.

Here's just a reminder of how this painting started out on DAY ONE... I had previously painted the canvas ORANGE before I did anything else. This helps it to feel like the sun is out and glowing.

Here it was at the end of DAY FOUR.

And then again, at the end of DAY FIVE. You can see I've added a lot of different colored grasses in the foreground. Not too much longer and this one will be done!

Last week my posts each day featured five of my brand new small (8 inch x 8 inch) oil paintings. Each of a single tree in front of a body of water. Today I’m back to my painting called AFTERNOON NAP. This is also a single tree in front of a body of water, however, this one is much larger — it measures 40 inches x 30 inches to fill a large space!

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