Pretty, yellow walls… (“mt. tam Part 7)

Export to PDF | Export to DOCMy business has seen better days (and weeks, and years.) The economy has wreaked havoc with my sales during each and every one of  the juried art shows I’ve done this fall. I’m seriously questioning whether or not I should continue painting, and wondering how I will stay in […]

“Mt. Tam” is FINALLY done! (part 6)

Export to PDF | Export to DOCHere’s a commission I started last winter and just finally finished up this summer. It’s heading to Kansas City, Missouri, so I want to make sure it’s completely dry before sending it half way across the county. It’s been drying since the beginning of August, so I think it […]

re-visiting “Mt. Tam” five months later (part 5)

Export to PDF | Export to DOC I can’t believe it’s been five months since I last worked on this painting. It needed a lot of time to dry because it was so thickly covered with wet oil paints… but then I guess time just got away from me as it was just at the […]

Painting “afternoon nap” (part 4)

Here’s some photos of the progress of my painting called “Afternoon Nap.” It’s inspired by some photos I took near San Francisco, specifically on Mt. Tam. It’s almost done, but not quite.

Painting “Mt. Tam” (Part 3)

I’ve been working on a landscape that is inspired by a photo I took of Mt. Tamapolis, just north of San Francisco. Here are some photos of my progress today.

Painting “Mt. Tam” (part 2)

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Starting a new commission (Painting “Mt. Tam” part 1)

Export to PDF | Export to DOCToday I’m starting a commission. My client, Brett, loves the painting I did for our son Nathan’s nursery before he was born in 2003. Since I’m seven years farther along as a painter, I’m quite sure that this current painting will be much more striking than Nathan’s painting, since […]