“Mt. Tam” is FINALLY done! (part 6)

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MT. TAM • 30 inches x 40 inches • ©2010 marie scott • DONE!

Here’s a commission I started last winter and just finally finished up this summer.

It’s heading to Kansas City, Missouri, so I want to make sure it’s completely dry before sending it half way across the county.

It’s been drying since the beginning of August, so I think it should be ready to leave the nest in a few weeks.

I can’t wait for my clients to get it! They have a virtual gallery of my art in their home, so this should be a nice addition to their collection.

It makes me so happy to know that my paintings are brightening up the lives of the people who choose to hang them in their homes.

What an honor for me, to be given a place on their precious wall space! I’d prefer that to a gallery any day… 🙂

DAY SIX: I'm fairly close to being done with this painting. The only thing left to finish up is the tree.

Here's a close-up of the tree. I redid the sky behind it, so a good part of the tree got covered.

adding pink...

lots more blue... some orange...

some red...

almost done!

I let this painting sit for a couple of weeks while we were gone on vacation. When I got back, I thought it needed one more round of work in the tree. So I basically just went through all the colors again to give it more richness. It is now officially Done!

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