Drawing what I can’t see (“adams lane” day 1)

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Here's the reference photos for my project. This picture is a very accurate representation of what the photos I have to work from really look like. As you can see, there is very little contrast so it's extremely difficult to see the details.

The roses are for creative inspiration to help me face the challenge of drawing this scene. (Seriously. They smell amazing. And the warm summer breeze is causing the fragrance to fill my studio.)

The slide shows the house. It's the clearest shot I have of this particular (and KEY) building, but it's shown from the back side. My multi-talented husband sketched out the roof line to help me figure out what to draw. In the early days of our marriage he was a framing carpenter, so since he's actually built roofs like this before, he could piece together the photos to make a best guess as what the house looks like from above and from the front of the house. Without this sketch, I'm not sure I could have known what to do. Thanks, Tim!

Here's my sketch on the canvas. Getting the drawing right was really difficult... simply because I just really couldn't see what was in the photo.

This week I’m staring the third of three commissioned oil paintings for my client Ron.

I saved this one for last because I thought it may be the most challenging — I wanted to make sure my painting skills were back up to snuff after the summer break.

It’s a painting of the family farm where Ron grew up, so it’s pretty important that I get the house and other buildings drawn correctly.

The thing I really liked about his photo was the composition. I love how the driveway cuts diagonally across the bottom half of the painting. And the zig-zag of the fence is really intriguing to me.

The colors and contrast are non-existent in the photos, but that’s nothing a little paint can’t fix!

The two biggest challenges with this piece are this:

#1.) I’ve never been to this place in Missouri

#2.) I can’t really see the buildings or a whole lot of any detail from the photo.

Ron searched for weeks for another photo of this property. He did find a photo that was a little lighter, but it still was really hard to see.

I’ll be working on this piece for the next week or so, and when it’s all done  I’ll come back with the photos of my daily progress.

And then you’ll eventually be able to see my VERY favorite part of this painting–the element that has inspired the name “Adams Lane.”

Stay tuned for the transformation of the boring white canvas to come to life…

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