2nd Grade Art/Happy Labor Day!

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PLAYGROUND DRAWING • crayon on paper • ©2010 Nathan Scott

There is no painting being done today. Just having fun spending time with my family on this vacation day.

Here’s a photo of my budding artist’s most recent piece, from the second grade art project called “Playground Art.” This drawing is Nathan’s idea of a great water park.

When interviewed regarding the the elements of this new piece, Nathan stated that the brown object in the top right “is a puppy.” When questioned as to why a puppy was at the top of the water slide, he replied “to be funny!”

Here’s a link to his ART TEACHER’s web site. To see her newest works, go to the Chronology section and scroll over to 2008-2010. How lucky for us that she’s not only an excellent art teacher, but a prolific and talented artist.

Happy Labor Day Everyone!

So glad I’m not still 16 and waitressing at Baker’s Square today… 🙂

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